Nick Schuurman

After getting my Master’s degree in International Business Strategy from Linnaeus University, the International Business Simulation was a very natural transition for me. Even though the Fintopia literature was often familiar, the content of the simulation was a welcome addition to my already existing knowledge of international business. Most interesting to me was the interaction between students during the decision moments, since it really allows you to experience the differences in doing business with people from different parts of the world. Due to the dynamics of the simulation each and every one of us played a vital role in the functioning of the market, which often resulted in interesting and exciting discussions. Since I decided to be a wholesaler I was very reliant on other participants, which was in my experience challenging since you cannot, just like in reality, fully control other participants’ actions. Thus, the main skills that I personally got to develop was the ability to manage uncertainty and to deal with unforeseen circumstances and rapidly changing situations. Finally, the possibilities of the simulation are endless and really allow you to excel in areas of your own choice, which is why I personally believe that it can be a valuable and meaningful experience for anybody interested in international business.