Fintopia is a business simulation for export business development

Fintopia covers all essential managerial disciplines
in a practical way

 International business ♦ Marketing  ♦  Strategy  ♦  Managerial finance  ♦  Management  ♦  Entrepreneurship  ♦  Communication / Negotiations  ♦  Production  ♦  Logistics

Fintopia has both dynamic industrial market
and modeled consumer market.

Fintopia stands out from the usual model based business simulations with the dynamic market created and impacted by the participating teams and their companies buying, selling and licensing products from/to each other.

Benefits for the participants

Better understanding of
- the roles and responsibilities of execitives: participants act as managers
- business relations and value chains
- the comprehensive view of the business

Invaluable experience of
- real life strategic and operational decisions and their consequences
- the business opportunities and the meaning of the risk in the business
- intercultural communcation and co-operation, teamwork, problem solving and working under pressure

Get immediate feedback from the actions made


Benefits for the facilitators

- gives a thorough picture of each participant's talent
- can be used as a reqruiting tool


To whom

Fintopia is excellent for university
master level programs, summer academies and MBA programs.

It is also applicable in management education/development
with teams from one or several companies.


During the Intopia, me and my later co-founder of Yousician Mikko realized how well the two of us work together under pressure. This learning would become crucial for us co-founding real-life company Yousician which today is the worlds largest music educator. We still refer to the 20€ cash-prize we won in Intopia as the “seed-funding” for Yousician. We invested it well into a few beers at the “Kultainen Apina” pub in Tampere, where our passion for entrepreneurship took root. From my experience, working intensively with a person on a project like Intopia is a great test for how well the collaboration will work in a professional setting. And while it was a lot of hard work, it was fun also.


Chris Thür CEO at Yousician

I participated to Intopia (Fintopia) when working on my Dr Tech thesis on Corporate Strategy. Even with my experience in founding and running an international startup the game provided new insights to business dynamics and gave possibilities to test theories in practice. Building agile strategy, creating routine in reading and interpreting the financials and making analytical yet fast decisions were all tasks that are needed in real world, making this course one of the most useful there is. I have always been an avid fan of games and I am not alone – therefore I think Fintopia will be a hit wherever it is made available.


Tommi Rasila Partner, Boardman Oy, Serial entrepreneur, Dr. tech

Over the years we asked feedback from the participants. They found the simulation:


This was one of the best courses of my university studies. I have finished my exams in Italy and this simulation was like a summary of all my studies. I learned a lot… Thank you!! It is a good teaching for the real life and it’s good for my curriculum vitae.


Accounting: this was the heart of the simulation. How your decision effect to the income statement and/or the balance sheet. This part was very close with the real life. Excellent.


One of the most challenging things has been to notice how many different matters in running a firm have to be taken into account for making everything work.

Motivating / Entrepreneurial

During the Intopia I had a strong feeling that I ought to go work (almost) every day in order to CARE for our company. And because we create nice atmosphere this feeling was GREAT!


I have never attended this kind of business education/training, that is why I do not have many ideas how it should be! But it seemed to me great!

Engaging / Entrepreneurial

Here you really feel that you are a part of the real business. If I meet friends in the leisure time we always talk of Intopia, there are no other subjects.

Fintopia in numbers

Years of Experience